About Suga-T

Suga-T (aka Tenina) has come a long way since she first began in the music business starting in her family label SWI Records to signing a co-venture deal with Jive Records and later incorporating her production company Hip Hop Mom Productions. Hailing from Vallejo, in the Bay Area of California and the sister of rap star E-40, she's widely known as a rapper; however, Suga-T has grown and evolved over the years and now this multi-faceted modern-day Renaissance woman is flexing her lyrical skills in the R&B, soul & blues vocal genre along with being a successful Social Entrepreneur, motivational speaker, writer, producer, mentor and activist.

Recently she rocked the stage with the “West Coast ladies of Hip Hop” featuring herself, Rage and Yo Yo at Yoshi’s SF pushing a sold out venue. Later this beautiful lady came back on the scene full force, opening up a show and performing with soul legend Michael Henderson, at Yoshi's again, where she brought the house down with her vocal styles, most notably with her debut single, “Unbreakable Me,” one of the anthems for her “New You” empowerment campaign.


Coming Soon... Celebrating Suga-T's Educational accolades, with family friends and fans! 

Suga-T Live @ Yoshi's Oakland 



Suga -T Rocks the mic veteran style at Yoshis in Oakland, presenting her strong Hip Hop lyrical expressions, to inspiring her fans with her soulful singing abilities showcasing her digital released empowerment anthem "Unbreakable Me," to closing with her sassy hit that everyone admires titled "Sprinkle Me." 

Legendary Entertainment Icon-Ceo, Keynote, Mentor

Masters Degree Completion Celebration!  

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